Euro Disney (May 2005)
The following pictures were taken on the trip by the Liverpool group to Euro Disney / Paris.

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CHICS poem by Anna Lloyd
Have many lives to fix.
They're very very busy.
They must get awful dizzy.

Send people to magical places.
If they're deserving cases.
Even to see Santa.
If they really wanta.

It's an excellent cause.
Let's give them our applause.


Our thanks go to Anna along with Stephanie, Jayne, Abbie and Chelsea who took part in a sponsored walk and raised a fantastic 243.45.

Anna's poem was read out at the school assembly on Friday 24th March when I went to collect the cheque. The girls are all pupils at St Mary's School, West Derby.

Our thanks also go to Mr & Mrs Stewart for all their help in looking after the girls on their walk.

Eddie Hincks.

"NEIGHBOURHOOD CHAMPS, John, Judy & Linda attended an awards night hosted by Liverpool Housing Trust & Liverpool Echo. From March to October 2005 nominations poured in for groups or individuals to receive a Neighbourhood Champs award for their work in the community. The Echo highlighted CHICS along with 12 others who received their awards at a Gala Dinner compared by BBC Radio Merseyside's Roger Phillips on 16th February 2006. Our thanks go to Carol Webster for nominating CHICS for this award" Eddie Hincks April 2006.

Wales and Wirral Easter Party

These pictures are of the Wales and Wirral Easter Party. The kids are enjoying Bizzie Lizzie's puppet show and the kids with medals are Megan Hulme and Logan Smith who won the best girl and boy dancers competition.

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Tashi Thornley:
Our thanks go to Tashi Thornley who took part in the Women's 10K on behalf of CHICS and raised a fantastic 630.00.

Tashi is pictured here presenting the cheque and receiving a certificate of our appreciation from Liverpool chairperson Linda Jones.

E-Mail and Picture from Edward Riley

I recently received this e-mail and picture from Edward Riley, who's kindly given me permission to post them on the CHICS site.

I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when I was 2 years old, 24 years ago.

I was successfully treated at Alder Hey hospital. They were unsure whether I would be able to have children or not but I was fortunate to have a little girl some 6 months ago.

Here is a photo of me with my beautiful daughter Eleanor Mai, you can use the photo and email on the site.

My parents (Lesley and Wally Riley) were actively involved with CHICS for many years, and it will always be very important to us.


Edward Riley


Remember CHICS is here to give you and your family support - we are only a phone call away.


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