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Hello and welcome to the CHICS website. The Children's Cancer Support Group is based in the North West of the UK, covering Merseyside, the Wirral, North Wales and West Cheshire.

Please take your time to look around, using the links above, and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy your time here and find the site informative and helpful to you.

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Aims and Functions of CHICS

The Children's Cancer Support Group, formed in 1986, provides support and information for parents of children with cancer by the following means:

  • MEETINGS: Regular meetings to inform members about the many aspects of childhood cancers and to enable members to gain confidence by sharing their experiences with each other.

  • SOCIAL FUNCTIONS: At which you can meet other families on an informal basis.

  • NEWSLETTER: A regular newsletter in which group activities are reported.

  • INFORMATION: A small library of books, leaflets and brochures, has been established for parents to gain more information about cancer treatments and cancer related national bodies.

  • FUND-RAISING: Fund raising events are held to finance the groups activities and to enhance facilities at the hospital.

  • LINK-UPS: CHICS is a founding member of the National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parents Organisations.

  • CARAVANS: CHICS also have a caravan, located in North Wales, for respite use.

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Please Note: The CHICS website is not "my" site, it is "our" site. It belongs to CHICS and to CHICS members and families. I designed and maintain the site, but for me to update the site I need pictures, jokes/cartoons and information (news, stories, ideas, etc.). Please help me to keep our site up to date by sending me your pictures, jokes and information to share with other CHICS members. You can send them to me using the e-mail link on the right. (Please send pictures in JPEG or GIFF format and reduce there size to no bigger than approx 800 X 600 pixels - or less than 100kb.)


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